Get involved today!

After trying to source various local gymnasiums with details on the geographical location for ease of convenience, we implore you to take a visit to any of the gymnasiums if you’re ever nearby. Here’s a breakdown of the gyms in no particular order.

1)    Five Dock Gymnasium 

The Five Dock Leisure Centre Gymnasium is a fully functional and equipped centre that is catered across a wide spectrum of age groups and differing skill levels. The gymnasium is open 7 days a week so no matter how busy you are, there is sure to suitable time slot for YOU! A recommended program is the adult gym class suitable for ages 16 and over. What’s great about this class is that it is a beginner program so there’s no need to be shy if you don’t have the skills of a professional gymnast. Coaches are only there to help and assist without any judgement. The classes can be purchased singularly or in a package so you can be sure to just give it a go first! Click here to check out information of other programs on offer.

2)    Macquarie University gymnastics centre

The gymnasium at Macquarie University is quite intimately spaced, but has all the fundamental equipment necessary. One of the perks of the programs offered here is that they offer FREE TRIALS so you are able to give it a go before committing to any classes. In the Adult Gymnastics classes coaches are willing to work towards achieving your goals no matter what level or disciplinary background you come from. There is a very friendly and safe environment at Macquarie gym so what are you waiting for?


3)    Bankstown YMCA

Bankstown YMCA offers comprehensive gymnastics programs with classes to suit all ages and abilities. YMCA Gymnastics gives anyone the opportunity to test their limits and try new skills in a supportive and friendly environment. ‘GymFit’ and ‘Teen Gym’ are two popular programs for anyone who just wants to give gymnastics a go, as theses classes do not require any assessments but rather are tailored to learning skills, improving fitness and meeting new peers.  ‘GymFit’ is not just aimed at teaching gymnastics skills but it also caters for individuals who are looking to develop a fitness style and to be able to maintain that over their lifetime. You can trial any of the classes for a discounted price of $15 so be sure to book in a class soon! 


What are you waiting for? Register at your nearest gymnasium today and give gymnastics a try today!



4 thoughts on “Get involved today!

  1. Always been curious yet nervous to test out gymnastics despite having been a huge fan of it for many years…can’t wait to go and experience the free trial that Macquarie offers. Thanks so much 🙂

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  2. I think my teenagers would enjoy having a go at gymnastics, will be booking them in for a session soon! Much better than having them sit around at home doing nothing!

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