Spotlight on Sydney Olympic Park Gymnasium

Welcome to our final phase! So now that you’ve heard from players in the field the benefits of the sport. The question remaining is how do I get involved? This phase is all about suggesting popular gymnasiums so YOU can get involved in this spectacular sport!


Today we will be spotlighting Sydney Olympic Park Gymnasium, as it is NSW’s premier artistic gymnastics training venue. This venue is spectacular as it has the full apparatus for both the men’s and women’s gymnastics. That means the floor, beam, bars, vault, pommel horse, high bar and rings are all available to you. The equipment is all very user-friendly and suitable even if you’re a first-timer or beginner.  The large foam pit and assortment of landing mats creates a more comforting environment to attempt new skills.

What programs would be most suitable?

Sydney Olympic Park provides a very welcoming ‘Open Gym’ session every Sunday from 6-9pm, where people from a variety of sporting backgrounds come together to do some fun gymnastics. This program is open to everyone but generally catered towards males and females who are 16 and over. The coaches all have an intermediate accreditation or higher so you will be in experienced hands. The first hour of these sessions include: warm up, flexibility training, strength work and coordination exercises. The next two hours are devoted more to tumbling, apparatus based skills as well as individual skills and drills. The range of people from beginners to ex-gymnasts makes the training more exciting and interesting as ex-gymnasts are always willing to give advice to newcomers.

How can you get involved today?

To get involved today simply give them a call on 9714 7600 or for more information visit their website.




8 thoughts on “Spotlight on Sydney Olympic Park Gymnasium

  1. So wonderful that they offer a two hour training session that includes a little bit of everything, would definitely be interesting to be able to experience what elite gymnasts have to do for several hours a day. Time to convince the hubby to come with me!! 🙂

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