5 emotional gains from gymanstics

Gymnastics is a very unique sport in the way that it teaches you lifelong skills without even realising.

1)    Determination and dedication: Gymnastics is a very emotionally and physically demanding sport that requires countless hours of practice. Through a regular training regime, gymnasts learn the importance of dedication towards the sport to achieve results. A determined mindset can also be gradually achieved by knowing how to take incremental steps to achieve set goals.

2)    Self-discipline: Self-discipline is achieved when being involved in gymnastics, as you need to have control over your eating habits. Temptations are always surrounding you and although at times it is fine to treat yourself, you learn to have a balanced diet. Not only do you learn about your diet habits, it’s all about the regularity of training as well. Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport which requires self-discipline in doing your strength properly and attending regular training sessions.

3)    Improve concentration and focus: The skills learnt in gymnastics can sometimes be risky movements so gymnasts learn how to focus appropriately before attempting these skills. If their concentration lapses for even a split second, this could result in an injury. Concentration and the ability to focus are life skills that are required all the time.  
4)    Patience: Gymnastics teaches you a lot about the value of patience. Learning new skills is a very tedious and repetitive process. You have to practice skills thousands of times to achieve them. At first, this this can be frustrating but over time it is a very rewarding experience. Additionally, you learn to be patient with your coach as they have years of experience so taking their advice on board is beneficial to improving your skills.

5)    Social interaction: Since gymnastics is both a team and individual sport it helps enhance your social skills. When competing as a team you learn to interact and support your teammates and help them overcome their weaknesses and further their strengths. After training with your squad on a weekly basis you gain a strong sense of belonging as you learn a lot about one another.

ART WCh Nanning/CHN 2014: team AUS celebrating




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