Past the training

In the first questionnaire we asked ex-gymnasts why they liked gymnastics. Today we will be looking deeper into their experiences by asking them what their fondest memory of the sport is. We ask these gymnasts for a response to this question with the hope of giving YOU the courage to try out gymnastics too! Let’s take a look at their responses.

What is your fondest memory of gymnastics?

Trusting in your coaches and yourself to learn all the skills. I remember whenever I was learning a new skill, doing it for the first time would always be the hardest but knowing that my coaches were there to support me gave me extra motivation to try. It would always be scary but trusting that my coaches only told me to try the skill because they believed I could do it, helped me to also believe in myself. – Kimberly Thoo

My fondest memory of gymnastics is competing at the Border Challenge, a competition between NSW, QLD and ACT. This was my final year of gymnastics and it was great to be accepted into an interstate competition where strong new friendships were formed and a completely new competition experience was gained. I will never forget competing in Qld as we also got to participate in a variety of exciting and enjoyable team building exercises.  – Gillian Thornton

At gym I always enjoyed going to bars. Whilst we all had to rotate and have a go at our routine, we also sat to the side waiting. We often made jokes and generally just had a lot of fun. If someone had gotten a new skill, we’d all be right there to see; if someone was having a bad day, they could come and sit down and be cheered up by the team; and if we were a being put through strength days, we’d all have each other to maintain motivation and keep pushing through the pain. Having time with my teammates always cheered me up and it was the highlight of training in my opinion. – Maddy Sabuils




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