Phase 2 in action!


Welcome to Phase 2 – here we will be providing you with the benefits of gymnastics as well as some real personal accounts and an exclusive interview with Senior National Team Member Emma Nedov.

By asking ex-gymnasts their thoughts on gymnastics, we gain a personal insight into what this sport means to them and can learn from their positive experiences. It’s hard to really get to know a sport without having some emotional exposure so here are some responses from a few ex-gymnasts.

Why do you like gymnastics?

It’s a really good way to keep fit, strong and flexible while not being boring. Training as a team helps to keep motivation and makes the exercise more enjoyable. I like how interesting and how many different skills there are to learn, and the best is definitely showing off cooler skills to friends and getting to eat as much as I want without weight gaining consequences – Jessica Wang

I like gymnastics because it is so much more than just a sport; it taught me a lot of discipline and resilience. It also made me much more determined in life, as I had to keep trying and trying to learn a new skill. Gymnastics also taught me time management as I did not have as much time as other kids to get homework done and still socialise with friends. – Anonymous

I like gymnastics as it teaches you many valuable life skills. Throughout my 9 years of training I learnt the value of hard work and self-determination, that in order to achieve your goals you need to truly put your mind to the task. These skills are translatable into everyday life and have helped me in many other aspects. I would have to say the best features are the fact that there is always something new which you are working towards, and by achieving your goal, whether it be to master a new skill or to earn a certain place in competition, you have a great sense of accomplishment. – Gillian Thornton

Not only is gymnastics a sport with a range of skills but it also enables you to stay fit and socialise while keeping up your strength and flexibility without even knowing you’re doing so. Gymnastics to me is a great sport as it’s a guide to learning new tricks and techniques as well as being able to consume those calories without having to worry about keeping them. – Celeste Vinci



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