Top 5 Women’s Artistic Gymnasts

Gymnastics boosts in popularity when Olympics kicks off. The gymnast’s athleticism mixed with their creative flair makes for an interesting viewing experience for millions of viewers at home. It is definitely one of the hardest sports due to its demanding nature. A combination of flexibility, strength, fitness, skill and artistry are all needed to compete at such exceptional levels.


Down below is a list of female gymnasts that have acquired the most Olympic medals from 1992 to present day.


How many medals did she win? She won 7 Olympic medals over the 2 Olympics she competed in.

What is she known for? Her air sense, quick twisting ability and solid landing made her a top competitor on vault and floor. Amanar was also an exceptional vaulter, and the Amanar vault is now named after her with gymnastics around the world still performing this very hard skill.


How many medals did she win? Khorkina won 7 Olympic medals and competed internationally for more than 10 years.

What is she known for? She was the ‘Queen of bars’ and was a great inventor of unique skills on this apparatus. She has skills named after her on all of the other events too. Being a taller gymnast (1.65cm), she was able to come up with creative new skills that suited her body type.


How many medals did she win? Miller won 5 Olympic medals in the Barcelona Olympics and then 2 gold at the following Olympics

What is she known for? She is known as the most decorated US gymnast of all time and competed at her first World Championships when she was only 14 years old. From here on in she became a huge success, becoming a back to back world champion.


How many medals did she win? Over 2 Olympics Mustafina has won 2 gold and silver medals and 3 bronze ones.

What is she known for? She is known for her intensity during competitions – her facial expressions say it all. Mustafina is an extremely determined and dedicated individual. Tearing her ACL in the 2011 did not stop her from competing at the 2012 London Olympics, where she worked extremely hard post injury to claim 4 Olympic medals.


How many medals did she win? Raisman is a two-time Olympian who has won 6 Olympic medals.

What is she known for? Raisman is a fearless, world-class competitor that has been the team leader of the gold medal winning U.S. team at both Rio and London. After just missing out on a medal in the women’s all around event in 2012, she came back in 2016 to prove to herself that she could do better and came out winning an impressive silver medal.



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